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Are we better food photographers than Martha? UPDATED

I was reading this article on the mainpage and wondering if Martha is especially bad at food tweeting or if it's just impossible to take nice pictures of food in poorly lit restaurants (or homes). Let's try to be food-tographers today and see how well we compare to Martha. Post your best and worst shots in the comments below!

Here's a terrible photo I drunkenly took of pickled herring at a Swedish-themed Christmas party I went to a few years ago. It was delicious, but you'd never suspect that from the picture.


Update: here is my lunch, a biscuit with crispy fried ham hocks, collard greens and a tomato remoulade which you can't see. Shot sober, in natural light and minimally fiddled with on the Camera+ app on my iPhone. At the very least, this is prettier than the pickled herring.

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