I think we're cursed. Every time we hire a contractor we like, they end up completely flaking out on us or screwing up completely. The first handyman/carpenter we had out did half the work, stopped showing up, then lied about having shown up and no one being home when I'd been at home waiting for him every second of that day. He only came back to finish when his office reminded him he wasn't getting paid until he did. The second one (different company, about a year later) put in one good day, then showed up at 1pm or later for the next three days, put in two hours, then said he had to go get something from the hardware store and would be back tomorrow. Tomorrow? It's 3pm and there's a Home Depot two miles away! Don't like them? There's a Lowe's two miles farther! Of course he never came back for all the scraps and trash he left all over the patio, either. The genuises who installed our solar power system mounted the wrong equipment on our back wall twice, leaving pits all over the cinderblocks, they left wires dangling out of the panels onto the roof shingles (which took two trips and six people to fix), and for a month they would just show up unannounced at all hours of the day. We had a plumber who we loved so much we got everyone we know using him. He was absolutely everything you could ever want in a plumber and more, including an absolute pleasure to have in your home. We called him out for an estimate on a large project; he said he'd do it, but he didn't seem happy about it. We've emailed and called several times and haven't heard back. He's been out to my parents' house since then, so I don't know what the hell is going on. We hired a different plumber and were so happy with him we asked for an estimate on another project. It's been three weeks, three emails, and five calls to the office and we've got nothing. Oh wait, not nothing; after my call earlier today the office did very helpfully email me an estimate. Except it was the estimate for the job that was already completed and paid for. I'm so done with all this. I never want to hire another person for anything ever again. I don't even want to recommend "good" contractors anymore because I can't trust them to stay good.