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Welcome To The Bitchery

Such is the age-old question, posed to every nine-year-old who discovers the Beatles for the first time. Lennon is the edgier, cooler choice. Certainly, when we think of who was responsible for the Beatles' more ground-breaking, genre-bending efforts, its Lennon that mostly comes to mind.

McCartney, on the other hand, is often smeared as overly schmaltzy. And, surely, some of those charges ring true on select songs.

But I tend to find that some of the songs I'm fondest of, and almost all the ones that I consider to be anthem-like, were McCartney creations.

Meanwhile, Lennon certainly had his own moments of schmaltz.

Of course, you could just be my mom, who finds a George Harrison song to be her favorite:

And no one could blame you if you tried to sneak out of the whole debate by declaring the rare Ringo Starr ballad as your favorite.

In the end, of course, many of their most famous works were collaborations. Many songs also had one primary composer, with either Lennon or McCartney providing supporting work to each other - rearranging a melody or chord work after the main song had been written.


Lennon and McCartney:

Lennon with McCartney:

McCartney with Lennon:

But overall, most of us fall in a Lennon camp or a McCartney camp. So - which side are you on? Myself, I admit to being a McCartney girl, having finally gotten to the age in life where I worry less about what's cool and more about what I simply like.

Post your favorite Beatles songs in the replies!


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