Talking about ear wax here. Inspired by this Gizmodo post, but I’m not terribly keen on commenting on Gizmodo:

I’m in the “nothing smaller than your elbow in your ear” camp, personally, and I’ve never had any hygiene problems. Once I tried to clean my ear with a q-tip and it made me so viscerally uncomfortable I can’t even describe it. Like nails on a chalkboard, I guess. I tried it because I heard so many people talking about how wonderful it feels, so I was expecting something at worst kind of blah and I got a horrorshow. My experience makes me think it might just be a question of what you’re used to, because I grew up just being taught to clean the outside of your ear but let your ear canal do its own thing. The few people I know who clean their ears with q-tips and who I’ve talked to about it (sample size is like 4 people) all grew up cleaning their ears.


What say you, GT?