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Are you a WINNER?

A winner of something unexpected & wonderful? I play a scratch~off lottery card very occasionally. The “Bingo” one in my State because it takes awhile. I do it for fun & love the suspense of possibly winning anything at all. I never do :)

I found a scratch~off lottery ticket in a book I’d forgotten about tonight. Just me doing regular housework & there it was. Of course it wasn’t a winner! But it was fun for the 20 minutes it took me to scratch it. (It was a $3 ticket. Biggest prize is $20,000 & the smallest is another ticket.)


I am always convinced that I’m going to win!! That’s why I never play the multi~state lottery where the prize can sometimes be tens of millions. I know you have to “get in it to win it,” but on the few times I’ve bought in, I spend the rest of my night on flights of fancy in my head wondering how I’m going to disperse my millions :) I’m a hopeful asshole:)

HOWEVER... I bought a chance book ticket once from my big sister. One $50 ticket. She & her friends EFFECTIVELY got an Ice Hockey Team under the umbrella of our local high school after years of trying when the their kids were still small. The conditions were that they had to pay for ice time, insurance, uniforms, travel, etc. The only thing the township was willing to pay for was transportation; one school bus. But it would be an official team :)

I won the 50/50. $6000. Nearly fainted. Split it 2 ways...$3000 back to the team, $3000 split with my amazing sister.

Tell me! What have you won? We never think we will win but sometimes we do...

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