I was reading a recent Cracked article about being on an organ donation waiting list, and it made me think of attitudes that surround it. My friend once told me she wasn't listed as an organ donor because she suspected if she were ever in an accident, doctors wouldn't try as hard to save her (?!?!). My mother's brother died while waiting for a kidney transplant before I was born, so I was pro-organ donation before I really even knew what it was. I've even considered being a live donor of a piece of my liver.

I remember being shocked when my friend told me her belief, not only because it's stupid (no one knows you're a donor until you're dead), but also because I just assumed everyone had a signed organ donation card in their wallet. My entire family knows my wishes- donate anything anybody needs, and cremate the rest. When my brother died, there was a small comfort in knowing that his organs were going to help a lot of people. What about you guys? Is this something you've ever thought about? Can you think of a reason why you wouldn't want to be an organ donor?