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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I know last night was crazy
I don't remember it, either

not really.
but I've been here, waiting,
in the bathroom,
in the park,
wondering, "Are you coming back for me?"
I did my best, for you
I tried to be pretty, to have the stylish patterns and hues
that all the fashionable clothings brag about...
but I can't help but wonder,
from this bathroom floor,
if I did something to offend you?
we had times, clubbing times, bar times,
happy house party times...
you joked about how you had to wash me with like colors,
or I would fade...
but you still did it.


I miss you;
so please let me know:
are you coming back for your clothes?

P.S. I saw a stranger leave a Twinkie for you
you can enjoy the Twinkie
when you come back for your clothes

Anthropomorphized Abandoned Clothing

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