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OK, today is just not my effing day! First off I was maybe oppressed a little bit by the patriarchy. That led to me freaking out about people using my log in to do horribley unspeakable things. On the sage advice of the Hivemind, I emailed the IT/Help Desk about the incident.

I felt good after that. Like, "OK, stuff got handled!".

Then I ate some lunch and went to my class. After class, I moseyed (Thanks for the help mcstabbyoutodeathpants!) on back to the computer lab to while away my day until Mr.Bottom is off of work and comes to pick me up. But I had drank a bottle of apple juice and two bottles of water. I was kinda about to explode.


So in the computer lab building, I walk into the bathroom. Plenty of open stalls, and it's quiet, so I feel OK with farting if I have to (TMI, yeayea). So I stroll on up to the second stall (it's A Thing), push open the door and HORROR!


I get grossed out when people pee and don't flush the toilet. This was something ELSE. There was tons of used, gross TP filling the bowl. Then on the back of the seat, FAR BACK!, there was poop! On the seat! Like, a LOT! And then there were like, poo sprinkles all around it! And then there was used toilet paper on the seat near the tube that leads up to the flusher!

This obviously came from a HOVERER. Granted, the worst hoverer ever, but still, one of THEM!


This hoverer was then so disgusted with her mess that she just left it there! For me to see and for a poor janitor to clean up! How freaking rude?!


Obviously, I lost my ability to pee. Maybe it will come back to me, but I will go use another restroom on the other side of the building, because EFF THAT!

So, obviously I come to GT to read a little and calm down, and I saw that I had some notifications! Cool beans! So I read over them and reply and then I get to one that says "It's not art, it's sales."


And I'm like, what the what?

So I click on it and it leads to an article from MAY about stupid misogynistic comic book art on IO9! Who comments on things that are that old?!


I am just so done with today you guys.

I was gonna write a whole post filled with pictures of the kittens who have moved onto my porch and into my heart and now I just don't have it in me.


ETA: And Kinja won't let me do gif's now! I had about 5 and none of them were good enough for Kinja! What is wrong with today?! *flips table*
ETA: Got it to work with LSP!

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