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I just don’t understand the rage car drivers are able to build up when it comes to cyclists in the street. Luckily my city is rather safe for bikes, but sometimes there is this one person who absolutely loses his shit (it’s always men) because I dare to ride in the street.
Yesterday a car passed me super duper close on my left while honking, with the driver screaming and gesticulating. The fun thing: I was just existing while biking, so it was perfectly legal for me to be where I was, second: Passing on the left meant he had to venture into oncoming traffic, endangering me, himself and potentially other cars coming from that direction.
Third: On our right was an extremely empty bus lane.

Still mad I didn’t think of memorizing the plate, but I’ll be on the look out for that car. He wasn’t a local, but he lives close enough that I might catch him next time he visits the city. I’m also thinking about pressing charges even with the little information I have (car color, partial number and area code).
Even if this was a very scary encounter, it’s still a million times better than anything I know from other cities and it’s still incredibly rare, but holy shit, it’s something else when someone uses a car as a weapon.

This makes me even more determined not to limit myself as a cyclist. It’s a bit daunting for example to ride to IKEA, especially with a trailer, but fuck asshole drivers. I won’t bend backwards in order to make it more convenient for a means of transportation that is already choking us all.


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