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Are you naturally organized?

I’m really of the opinion that organizational skills are something that come naturally to some and are hard work for others. I fall into the latter category.

I’m very extroverted and a right-brained thinker all the way. Having to stick to a strict time schedule is maddening for me, and it’s a huge struggle for me to implement any kind of organizational systems at home. I can design them, but I can’t keep them up without tremendous effort. Obviously, I am an adult student with a set work schedule so I do what I have to do to be effective and stay on top of my work, but it takes a ton of effort for me to be very meticulous, exacting, detail oriented, etc. Creativity, communication, and people skills are where I’ve got it easy, in contrast. But, I’m definitely feeling that drag of being unbalanced and my lack of organization is frustrating.

Can anybody relate to this? I know I can put habits in place that will help me. Right now I am working on keeping a set time schedule in the mornings and implementing more routines into my schedule to help me stay on track and less fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-ish. One step at a time.

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