Are you okay?

Now before I get started I will concede that this question can be asked innocently, even affectionately as it implies someone wants to know if you are alright.

But not this time.

Are you okay?

I spent all day being antagonized by someone who has been asked to leave their job, because I will be taking it over. That really blows, I get it. But to spend all day being a total asshole and then asking me if I’m okay? No.

My face is expressive. My walk very direct, and my emotions not too hard to clock. Was I smiling? No. Was I bee-lining from the bathroom to my desk because I have no time for other interactions? Probably. Was I desperately trying to assemble myself around the idea that my anger is to be feared and mocked as a black woman? You fucking bet.

So no, I’m not okay, no thank you for asking. And next time, keep that fake concern shit to yourself.


How are you jezzies doing?