Because I’m not, typically. I get why, when book printing was expensive and rare, books as a concept were a big deal. But I’ve never been one to gasp at people using old books for art and such. However, I have a few friends that I want to make clutches for from books. The doctor friend is easy, I’m just going to get a used copy of Grey’s Anatomy with a cool cover to turn into her clutch. My friend the mathematician is giving me more trouble. I’d like to just use a math reference of some kind, but it needs to be hardcover, and it needs to be a thick enough book, while still not being to tall or wide. I’ve found a couple of possibilities on Amazon, but they’re both older, one of a kind books. This and this are the ones I’m deciding between. And despite not being precious at all about most books, destroying books as old as these, rather than some mass market thing feels wrong. Should I just keep looking?