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Welcome To The Bitchery

Thomas Sudhof was one of the three winners of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine, announced today.

He was driving around lost in a remote town in Spain, so he hadn't heard the news until a reporter from the media arm of the Nobel Prize foundation called him. That's right, he heard about it from a reporter first.


Of course, they've gone and recorded the call for us, and you must absolutely listen. It is the best response, second only to Craig Mello's wife hanging up on the committee, thinking it was a crank call.

Some highlights (paraphrased):

Reporter: I called your wife in California and she was kind enough to give me this number, although I'm afraid I may have woken her up.


Sudhof: Oh, I'm sorry for you.

Sudhof: Let me pull over a minute and let me take this in. I'm driving right now.


Reporter: What gives you the drive to work so hard?

Sudhof: My wife thinks I'm crazy...It's just the way am.

The rest of it is incredibly sweet.


For those of you science-minded, Sudhof won the Nobel Prize along with Randy Schekman and James Rothman for work on vesicle trafficking and fusion.

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