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I mean. I thought I was sure. We had an ultrasound at nine weeks and there was only one babbo in the photo.

But now I’m not so sure. My mom said she wondered the same thing but didn’t want to say anything cause “I do look big for where I’m at” (four months now, she last saw me two weeks ago.)

My sister in law says “everyone carries differently” and we’ll see.

I was also asked if I was even coming back I need September or going on maternity leave then. Um no. I’m due in December, and stop making that face Sharon. You’re freaking me out.


Two babbo is..... scary. I don’t want two that seems..... like really anxiety inducing. I mean yeah sure it’d be nice too I guess but whew. I just imagine the cluster of changing diapers with two.

OR!!! I could just have one and be rather large. It does look like a basketball in my belly already, tbh. I was enjoying it, knowing that i def look pregnant and not just questionable... but now.... I’m scared.

This post brought to you by side comments by coworkers and a pregnant lady’s anxiety.

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