I need bra advice, because apparently I am 15.

I am thirty year old woman with tiny breasts, like 32A, I think. I don't actually know because, I don't wear bras. I haven't worn bras on a regular basis for ten years. I like letting them swing free. I have two pairs of beige bras I use when wearing more sheer fabrics, but really, one is pretty ratty and should be thrown out. I also have a push-up bra for filling out the busts of fancy dresses, which are almost always too big for me.

I've been thinking about buying bras for general life, because sometimes I like the idea of it, and because Manlover has hinted that he likes a matching set, which I do not own.

Can you ladies give me types of bras you like? Where do you get them? What re your favorite brands?

Here's where I get picky: I won't wear underwire. I don't like padding, either. I want something pretty, but not something too lacy or princessy. I just want straight up colorful, pretty bras, with matching panties for poor Manlover to enjoy.


Can you help me?