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Are you there hivemind? I need hair help. Please?

I worked up the nerve to get over my fear and distaste for hairdressers to get a haircut yesterday. It ended up how it always does: in tears.

I may sound like I'm being picky, but I have very rarely had a hairdresser cut my hair in a way that I like. There was a very thin longer layer towards the back that was making my hair look like a super-layer-y mullet (because of my last disappointing trip to a hairdresser), so I asked the hairdresser to JUST TRIM THAT LAYER, I KNOW MY HAIR IS DAMAGED, DON'T CUT IT ALL. So what happens? I have a bob that is slightly above my jaw. My hair is thick, so I have a blonde football helmet accentuating the hell out of my square jaw in a terrible way.


I took a page out of my 1997 style book and twisted then pinned random pieces of hair towards the back of my head until it resembled some weird space age up-do. It's kind of cute? Maybe?

The last time I got a terrible hair cut (a pixie that looked like Spock) I wore hats everyday, but I'd like to avoid doing that. Any tips or ideas so I don't have look like I'm wearing a football helmet or stepped out of 1997?

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