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Ugh, I am stuck in my epidemiology class. Usually this is one of my favorite classes, or at least it was while we were talking about infectious diseases. We are on to chronic diseases now and ugh.

Chronic diseases are very complex and don't have a simple cause and effect relationship. I really don't like that. I like that bacteria X causes disease Y. One answer. In school I never liked subjects that didn't have a "right" answer. Chronic disease is one of those subjects. This is why I am in an infectious disease program so I don't have to deal with this. I am trying very hard to pay attention and learn this stuff but man is chronic disease boring. The problem is that it is arguably the most important public health issue globally and it definitely is here in the US.

Man, sometimes I really wish I had been born and was going to school in the "golden age" of public health, when Polio, and Small Pox, and Measles and TB were still everywhere and ripe for eradication. Not that I don't appreciate the fact that I am safe from all those diseases but how cool would it have been to be on the team who beat Small Pox?! Oh well, lucky for me at least there's always antibiotic resistance and emerging pathogens so I should be ok.....If I can make it through this chronic disease set of lectures...hahaha. I can't wait for Infectious Disease Epidemiology next year!!

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