My stepdaughter just flew out to her grandmother’s house today. We have sole custody but due to a story too long to get into, her maternal grandmother is guaranteed five weeks of visitation a year. Since we live far apart, the weeks are usually concentrated over summer vacation. Grandma also has custody of my stepdaughter’s two half-brothers, so she gets to spend time with them, which is good.

Anyway, Grandma posted a picture on Facebook saying, “[Stepkid] is home with her brothers.”

Bitch, that kid’s home is with US. We have her 11 months out of the year, raise her, send her to school, dance, therapy, make sure she eats her vegetables, gave her the puberty talk, kiss her when she cries and celebrate when she succeeds. Don’t you DARE disrespect us by saying YOU are home instead.

Anyway, I bit my tongue and just didn’t hit the Like button.

What family things have annoyed you today?