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ARGH (horrible dog owners edition)

I left work an hour early today to try to intercept FedEx, which was supposed to deliver my iPhone 6+ today. But after picking up my dogs from doggie daycare, I saw a tiny little dog running around, and nearly get hit, on a huge 6-lane street.

I lost sight of it waiting for the light to change, and it took me a good 15 minutes to find it again. And when I found and caught up to it, after chasing it bouncing around the street weaving in and out of cars... it was in a yard, looking very much at home. There was a guy in the yard, and I asked him if it was his dog, and he said, "Oh, yeah, he's fine."

So this fucking asshole, who lives half a block from a huge and very busy street, just lets his tiny dog run around willy-nilly. The dog clearly has no sense of sidewalk vs. street, and is apparently completely unafraid of moving cars, and the poor little thing is almost certainly going to get hit if the owner keeps neglecting it like that, but obviously there was nothing I could do. I told the guy that the dog had been on the huge street and had very nearly been hit, and he was completely uninterested in this information. Just repeated that the dog was fine, and walked away.


And, of course, FedEx came and left by the time I got home. To add insult to injury, the time on the slip was 4 minutes before I got home, so I definitely would have made it if I wasn't trying to catch a dog that wasn't even lost, just has a goddamn fucking asshole of an owner.


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