Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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ARGH. I'm currently flying for a business trip to a conference. When I fly, my work will only cover costs for economy (natch), so I pay out of my pocket to upgrade to Economy Plus because I like the extra space so I can spread out a little more, especially if I'm going to have to work on the flight. This time, I definitely needed to get some work done, using to inflight WiFi to do some grading for my online class. When I get to my seat (aisle - I always pay for the aisle seat), I see that I'm next to a toddler. Sigh. Early on, I get kicked a few times. Okay. Then mom pulls out an iPad, puts on Elmo, with no earphones. SIGH. So I pull out my laptop to work and put in my earphones. Have my work out, my bag at my feet. My nice Coach leather tote, open so I can reach my folders with my work, etc.

Then the toddler kicks his cup of soda directly INTO MY BAG. Landing on my leather wallet. Ice in the bottom of my bag. I am not happy. At all. I hate air travel officially.


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