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Happy holidays. The esteemed poster BitterColdTaylor posted the google commercial where the Dad and the daughter google chat to each other and support each other through the loss of their mother. And because I'm a navel gazing jerk, all I could think is, "Why could I never have a good father? Why was one a selfish wife beater who left his wife with three young children and the other was an abusive, alcoholic, sexual predatory jackass? WHY DON'T I GET A NICE DAD? WHY?" It always makes me angry. Whenever I see Dads and daughters bonding, I just see something that has never been part of my life, mostly because bonding with my two deadbeat dads is either annoying (former) or creepy and uncomfortable (latter).

Feel free to share your feelings of existential angst. FOR THE HOLIDAY.

PS. Thanks for posting it Bittercoldtaylor. <3 Don't take this as anything about it. It just moved me and I made my own post.


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