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Arguing on Facebook... stop me!

I’m arguing on facebook with a guy who doesn’t think it’s sexist that the artist who created the Bull is asking for Fearless Girl to be taken down.


Edited to add: I don’t think he’s sexist for thinking that asking the statue be taken down is sexist. I think the statue can help illustrate a point about women on Wall Street, women’s places in art, and silencing women in public spaces, but the statues are also fraught with their own issues of capitalism and advertising. They do represent a good starting point about both women on Wall Street, women’s representation (or lack of) in the art world, and silencing women in public spaces. But that’s me, and I didn’t think this guy was wrong for not thinking the request was sexist. It was him talking about women’s advantages, and citing domestic violence as an example, that caused me to engage in what I’m pretty sure is my first facebook argument. I finally got sucked in, folks.



He also said women never point out the areas where they have the advantage. Like, domestic violence. Women are always like “end domestic violence against women!” Why can’t they just say “end domestic violence!” because men can be abused also.

Sigh. I wrote a polite response. We’ll see what happens.

Added: Now it’s “stop telling men to not rape. Tell everyone to not rape!”

Added 2: he’s gone all NotAllMen!


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