I am so pissed off right now. I was cleaning my house and found a pile of mail that my husband brought in and I hadn't seen. There is a bill from a imaging center that performed x-rays on me two years ago and never made a claim on my insurance. Every couple of months I get a bill for $280. Every time, I call and snarkily ask why they haven't billed the insurance company. Whoever I talk to, pulls my file, sees my insurance card, sees no evidence of billing the insurance company, apologizes and says they will make sure the biller knows so it will be fixed... and then I get another bill.

I am only bitching here because they are not open to bitch directly at them today.

They had great service when I went in. They are conveniently located. The billing just sucks.

I know most insurance companies have a time limit on how long you can wait to make claims. I'm wondering how much I'm going to be on the hook for the claim if they have exceeded the time limit. I put in an email to the insurance company asking, since they are just going to keep billing me. Hopefully I can get an answer in writing and send a certified "leave me alone you unprofessional gits" letter. Regardless, I plan on trying to talk to the office manager tomorrow. This is freaking ridiculous.