There's this guy I know via a couple of Nerd groups who always struck me as an obnoxious, arrogant ass. Well this evening he really reinforced that opinion via Facebook.

A mutual Facebook friend posted an article about the start of the school year. The arrogant ass chimed in with "The author of this piece seems to think that teachers buy supplies out of their own pocket. Ridiculous."

When the woman who posted the article responded that she had teacher friends who said this was true, the Arrogant Ass responded that her friends were "either lying or did not know how to budget." He then said he had a friend who used to work for the school board who told him stories of waste at the board.

I responded that I am a Kindergarten teacher with 35 students on my class list right now, ( An ECE and I work together in the room.) and I was given a budget of $350 to buy everything from paper towel and Kleenex to photocopy paper to crayons and scissors. I also mentioned I have made four trips to the Dollar Store in the last two weeks.

Arrogant Ass responded that I couldn't possibly have a class of 35 because all class sizes had been capped at 22 in 1998.


I responded back that Class sizes are capped at 20 in Grades 1 to 3, but there are no caps anywhere else. I also added that I sit on my school staffing committee and helped set up the model that says how many teachers are at each grade, and therefore the class sizes, so I know what I am talking about. I also posted a link to a page on the People for Education's website which laid out where the caps are.

Arrogant Ass responded by dismissing my link as "a private website" and posting a link to a bill from 1997 saying people can "read the truth" here.


Holy crap, WTF? Apparently I am making everything up?

The bill he is referencing DOES NOT cap class sizes. It sets unenforced average class sizes at the school board wide level. I respond with this, and include a link to a government press release from 2012 which talks about the cap.


Don'tcha just love blowhards who don't know what the are talking about who try to correct professionals about their own profession?