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Arrogant, much?

Sorry for the rant, but someone posted this to facebook, I for one, am getting really tired of this canard that Atheists somehow automatically know more about the Bible than Christians.

My sister is a pastor, has a Masters of Divinity and reads New Testament Greek. My BiL has Doctorate in Philosphy, and has written multiple books on the subject of the Christian Faith. Somehow I doubt this guy could tell either of them anything.


(And really, I am no slouch either, with 2 university level theology courses under my belt.)

In my experience, the average atheist who brags of their Biblical knowledge interacts with the text the same way a fundamental does, treating it as a flat text. This isn't to say that there aren't atheists who have made a study of theology, but they do not tend to be the ones bragging about their biblical knowledge.

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