Episode Suicidal Tendencies


Deadshot can't be dead can he? Or did he fake it so he could avoid Cupid?

General Arrow musings.


Why does Oliver Queen always look over people's heads when he talks to them. It's really distracting. At first I thought it was because he was saying something difficult, but no it's a consistent thing. He looks over their head, and says a bunch of stuff, and then down at them.

When does Ray Palmer's suit get small?

Also, do you find that the whole "I'm so angry at you because you kept a secret from me" is over played?


e.g Ray being mad at Felicity that she didn't tell him she worked for the Arrow. I thought it was kinda ridiculous that he was mad. I'm sorry guy I've dated briefly, but I didn't tell you a secret that puts my life, your life and my friend life in danger.

The outrage of secrets is a little silly.