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Art, Again

Trying this again, since despite posting the original post yesterday, it time traveled back to Saturday. So I’m just going to delete it and start over.

Back in January, when some of us were doing the January Cure, one of the assignments was to get our art framed and hung. Well, I got the framing done, but never put them up. When we moved, that was one of the things I really wanted to do. So they’re up!

My aunt is an incredibly talented artist, so I wanted to share two of the pieces she did for us (there’s a third, but’s very photorealistic of my husband’s and my faces, so I’m not going to post it). These are wolfman and the bride of Frankenstein.


This last one is another original, from my dad’s friend. His name is Richard Osterweil, and he’s quite a character (he made a career of crashing celebrity weddings). This is from his Celebrities on a Bad Day series, and it’s Stephen and Jane Hawking’s wedding.


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