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Art for Attawapiskat

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Hi everyone

Let’s have a little spacer here.

So I’m Cree from a different part of Canada but also have been touched by suicide. (Trying to distance myself from it actually). I want to send a bunch of art to Attawapiskat.


I am looking into getting the school’s mailing address to send to.

I would encourage you to send some love to and if you would like the mailing address send to katanaleigh At gmail com. Or if you would like to sponsor me shipping some art by PayPal and include a letter in the package.


I’m going to send as many 18x24" canvases as I can. I am wondering if I should take them off the stretchers because it’s easier but if they are on the stretcher they are ready to hang up and the idea is that art encourages and uplifts and not to create more work for them there.

Love and light.

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