So I'm taking a design class this semester, on web design. It hasn't been exactly what I've expected, but I'm a programmer so the design side is really new to me.

I assume the "make 30 versions of what you want to finally make" is normal. It seems like something you would be expected to do as a design major at least. But I was so frustrated today - I had thought the 30 designs were BS, his criticism showed he liked ALL the designs I thought were boring and he thought not only were my designs bad, but my thought processes that led to those designs were bad - but then after doing all that I finally found a design I liked. I had to draw 4 designs for class and I drew 6 to try to flesh out this design I really liked. And I explained the whole logic of the design to him - (for reference the project is your favorite letterform) I wanted to not rotate the main letter because the font is based on a really old, stately typeface and I wanted to express that, I chose to put the letters where I did for particular reasons and on and on and on...

And he basically told me "I like this one better" and spent the entire time telling me how to improve the one I didn't like (which has a rotated letter when I had gone through the whole explanation of why that doesn't match with the font), and not the one I was so proud of and actually was inspired to spend multiple drafts improving. It was just very disheartening - I had felt really shitty about the project in general, then I finally felt like I had it and like I was doing a good job and felt invested in it, and then he told me flat out not to do the one I had spent 4 drafts on improving and do the one that I thought was crappy. It kind of reminded me of my poetry class where my TA told me to stop rhyming at places that didn't make sense to him, but I knew enough about writing poetry to know that that was just his opinion and not a real rule in poetry.

Idk, maybe I'm not asking for advice, I just am regretting taking this class haha. It's already way more work than any other class (5.5 hours in class a week alone, then more hours on homework), and I just don't feel like a class where I feel like I did a good job only to be told to do something completely different because what I liked isn't good enough is for me. It's too late to drop now though and I need the requirement.