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Art Survey Uncomfortability

On Facebook, I saw that my local town had put together a survey to ask the community about an upcoming Latino Folk Art community garden they’re wanting to build. The survey was sponsored by the Creative District, and had a lot of questions that were...strange, to be honest.

Part of my side-eye at this survey is my town’s tendency to culturally appropriate things in the name of art and culture. Like, white people putting on and hosting Day of the Dead celebrations. Yes, Latinos participate, but aren’t heading it up or really leading it in any way. Or having bands come to town to perform who are white kids dressing up as Indian Goddesses, complete with a bindi. There are quite a few other examples. Our town is very, very hippie, so embracing other cultures for your own personal journey/spirituality/aesthetic/etc. is generally acceptable. I’m not a fan of these things, which was why I was curious to see how they’d handle this survey about a Latino Folk Art garden they want to construct.


Are these weird questions for a survey about a Latino Folk Art garden?

Here are the survey questions:

1. What icons remind of you of the Latino culture? 
2. What colors come to mind when you think of the Latino culture?
3. What kind of art would you like to see in the Garden?
4. What elements would you like to see in garden so that you would use it?
5. Do you have any suggestion on which would be the best activity to include at the Garden?
6. How would you see a Latino Garden working in the community? 
7. How would you like to be involved with this project?
8. Would you like to share any ideas to motivate all people to participate at the Garden? 
9. If you would like to participate in this project please leave us your name and email.
10. What nationality are you?

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