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Art time!

so I spontaneously decided to drive an hour after work to a museum to see the Masters of Impressionism and a good friend. This is the last weekend of the exhibit and I rarely get to see my friend. I feel sort of bad that I didn't text my mom to go with me, but I didn't want to wait on her. I bought us both tickets and now I'm waiting.

Someone was whistling in the restroom. That was weird.

An old lady sat behind me on the big museum bench and hummed to herself for about 10 minutes. I really think I look more intimidating than that in the leather biker jacket, but people are still crowding me. I need a better resting bitch face.


My friend just texted that she is waiting for a parking space.

What are you doing tonight, GroupThink?

ETA: there were so many people! and the docents weren't close enough to tell me off for taking a van Gogh selfie. We would wander and then sit. It was wall to wall people. There were two directors walking through talking about the paintings.

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