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Article about a cross-dressing man in Wyoming

He's tough enough to be a Sissy in Wyoming.

I've got some mixed feelings about this article. Larry (I've heard him called that more than Sissy) lives in my parents town, and it is not unusual to see him around town at the grocery store, post office, etc. From everything I know about him, he seems to be a very nice guy that is just trying to live his life as him and it is interesting to see a story about him and his life.


But, that is also a problem I have with this article. I have no doubt he has faced harassment and violence for how he dresses. But, within the community I've also seen him as being fairly accepted. If asked about him by outsiders, most people in town just shrug and go "Oh, that's just Larry". I would bet money that the cowboys that attacked him were from out-of-town. Even his son would probably find school a lot different now that it was a couple decades ago when he was mocked. There are several openly gay kids in the school, and as far as I'm aware face minimal (sadly not no) harassment for their orientation. I'm not saying Douglas is a perfect town, but I also feel like it was painted in a pretty unfair light in this article.

I do have to say, he earns my admiration for wearing mini skirts bare legged in the Wyoming winters. That is a special kind of tough!

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