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Welcome To The Bitchery

This is a really interesting article where Trump’s speaking style and vocabulary are examined.

I am not sure if I accept the premise of gender. I would have liked an analyst of those who lived their chidhood and adult in NY and see where Trump fits in. Also.compare Hillary’s hometown with others from her hometown along with years in Arkansas, DC then NY. I wonder essentially if environment plays a bigger role then gender.

I just wonder if environment is more impactful then what gender you are.

Also if there is a gender difference if it doesn’t get washed away based on education. Is there a difference between a college grad female and male in terms of vocabulary especially.


 know reading articles online or in newspapers unless in the article they state their gender I am rarely sure. Online gender is particularly hard to tell at times since folks use fake names. Newspapers well sometimes you do not see thenwriters name until the bottom.

I can see how we speak and word emphasis being different but vocabularly. Not sure.

It is a really interesting article. Anyone agree with the writer’s premise.

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