Hi All - I'm asking a question b/c I'm worried that what I'm looking for might make me a total asshole. If it does and you know it, PLEASE don't be afraid to shout it out, b/c I have no idea what I'm doing.

So here's the deal - my dad's 70th bday is in two weeks. I have seriously dropped the ball. I had an idea that I wanted to commission a watercolor portrait of him standing in front of a certain building (I would supply pictures to work from). However, time got wildly away from me, and I feel like even if I found a willing artist today, two weeks wouldn't be nearly long enough a time frame for them to complete the work. Is this right? How long do commissioned portraits usually take? The portrait I have in mind isn't heavily detailed - something like this would be perfect:

The other thing is budget. I don't really know how much to offer, but I probably only have a budget of $250. Is that wildly insulting to offer someone for a commissioned piece of art? It seems low to me, but then, browsing through etsy, it seems like it might be ok for some artists?

Halp! I've never done this before!