Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Arts & Crafts (Money Making Opportunity!)

Hey GTers,

As mentioned in a post yesterday I am truly terrible at arts and crafts. This is very sad because I am actually very creative and if only I could get my fingers to execute what is in my brain I would be like, the Queen of Pinterest.


But this is potentially great news for one of you because I have a project in mind that I need help with and I'm willing to pay!

Is there anybody out there in need of cash who knows how to sew? Like well enough to make clothes and things? I have a dress that I would like to deconstruct and re-purpose. Into what is somewhat flexible...


The timeline for the project is probably sometime mid December/early January. If you think you might be interested please share some pictures of crafty/sew-y things you have made (or just share them anyway so we can all be impressed and inspired) and maybe tell me how much you think you would charge? If I don't find anyone here I'll probably put this up on Craigslist so any thoughts on the going rate would be super helpful!

Willing to barter for my own services which include proofreading/editing, reviewing contracts, telling off people you hate, telling you how you really look in that outfit and babysitting/dog sitting if you're in New York City.

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