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My mother is unemployed again. She can't apply for unemployment until June because government reasons, so she's brooooooooke. I know she tries not to ask me for money, but she has twice in the last two days.

There are so many reasons why I don't want to help her. Besides the fact that we live check to check, she moved to the city where I live with no job and no place to stay (she can NOT stay with us). Yes, she was fleeing a bad situation, but most of it was because of her own choices.

Yesterday she called while I was at work to ask if I might be able to help out with her storage. I told her I'd pay half if the facility is willing to let her pay half now. Honestly, just this once I'll probably pay one month. She left a lot of stuff behind and I don't want her to lose what little she has left.


This morning I woke to a text asking me to call her. Against my better judgment, we loaned her the nice air bed Mr GV used to use as his bed and what we would use if we manage to save enough to go camping this summer. Comcast installer guy set his tools down on it and made a small hole. She patched it. Apparently, there is a 1" tear (probably more than that) now. I'll probably have to pay for the patch kit for that. Comcast is supposed to reimburse her, but she needs the money, so we're now out an air bed.

This is a 3 paycheck month for me. It happens twice a year. The next will be October and that will go toward Christmas. I've already temporarily lost some of what I had planned to spend on books I need for a national test I need to take for my profession. The state gummint took a $200 garnishment to which they were not entitled because they're behind on opening their mail and haven't received the payoff from my ex on a joint debt. I'll get a credit when it processes, but who knows when they'll get around to that. This was also my mom-free weekend. Mother's Day was last weekend and next is her birthday. Mr GV's is also next weekend and his family will celebrate, so I don't know what he wants to do as far as our little family.

I really, really wish she would move. Sincere apologies to those who have lost mothers, but I really hope she gets a job elsewhere. Ever since she moved here we have been splashed with her chaos. There are factors outside her control that aren't helping (age discrimination, in particular), but she makes choices I simply don't understand that have negative, if predictable consequences. I also have some PTSD (not self-diagnosed) from when she lived with me and my ex 10 years ag0.

I've written before about how much I try with her. It takes a lot of energy and my tolerance is less and less the longer she's here. So, I steel myself with a cup of coffee and dive in. Once more unto the breach. . .


ETA: since it's been two hours since her first text, and since I haven't called she texted a picture of the deflated bed. Ugh.

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