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In need of costume help!

As always, I have procrastinated the Halloween costume-making until I have only a few days to scramble and put something together. (I'm going to a Halloween party on Saturday.) A while back, I bookmarked some ideas for being Rosalind Franklin, who I've always admired. Take Back Halloween had some great suggestions.

Franklin, if you don't know about her, did some really important early work with DNA. She was responsible for Photo 51, which is an X-ray diffraction image of DNA that allowed Watson and Crick to deduce the double helix structure (unfortunately, but predictably, they took all the credit). I plan on printing out a copy to carry with me, and along with the lab coat I'll borrow from work, those will be the most recognizable bits of the costume. I also have some gray tweed pumps that I think will work well.


The part I'm stuck on is the dress to wear underneath. Ideally, I'd want a 50s style shirtwaist dress, as that's what she's wearing in most pictures of her. I have a few options I'm deciding between, and I need your help! Keep in mind that these will be partially covered by an open lab coat.

Option 1: Go with what I have already. I have a dress which is vintagey, though not a shirtwaist style. It might be close enough when partially covered though.


Option 2: This dress is $13 on amazon, which is totally a decent price for a costume that I may not wear again. It's also cute though, so maybe I'd wear it again (but probably not). As a negative, it seems a tad too sexy for a scientist from the 50s - the skirt part seems very tight. But, the lab coat might help with that anyway.


Option 3: This dress seems perfect (also comes in black or red, not sure which color would be best). But it looks like it might not arrive in time for Saturday, so I don't think it's worth risking it. Also, it's $31, which is a bit more than I was planning on spending. I don't see myself wearing this on any other occasions. There's also this other dress, which I think is really cute, also $30, but from the same company and probably wouldn't arrive in time. Boo procrastination.

Option 4: I have a friend who's really into vintage clothes, and I can definitely picture her having a shirtwaist style dress. I could probably ask her and see if she has something good to borrow, but I feel weird about it because we haven't talked in a little while (not for any reason), and I always feel a bit odd borrowing clothes anyway (I'm terrified of damaging them).


Option 5: A GTer will send me a link to the perfect dress, which is not too expensive, and which I can get before Saturday.


ETA: Oh! I almost forgot! I also would love suggestions on hair. I might do one of these styles, which people here pointed me to in the past. But if people have other suggestions for a 50s style do, I'd love to hear them. My hair is a little over shoulder length and curly.

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