even to rural Missouri.

As most of you probably know by now, I live in a small town in rural northern Missouri. This town is the cause of a lot of my problems, but sometimes good things do happen here. Tomorrow (!), the city council is voting on whether to add a LGBT nondiscrimination clause to local laws regarding employment and public housing. In other words, if this goes through, it would be illegal to fire or refuse housing to anyone in town on the basis of orientation. This is pretty incredible, considering my town would be the first municipality outside of the Interstate 70* corridor to pass such a measure.

I, for one, thought this would never, ever happen here, but here we are. My girlfriend and I are going to be in the gallery tomorrow night. I think there is going to be a time set aside for the public to speak for or against the measure — I admit I still haven't decided if I will speak, and if so, if it will be anything more substantial than a simple, "I support this." The meeting is 30 hours away, and I'm already nervous about tomorrow's proceedings. This is the edge of the Bible Belt, after all, and I'm sure the Bible-thumpers will be out in full force. We're talking about a state where as of last year, only 1/3 of the population supported legalizing gay marriage.

If everyone could keep their fingers crossed and send good energy to the northeast corner of Missouri tomorrow night, I'd really appreciate it.

*Missouri is bisected by I-70, which also happens to connect the two biggest cities, St.Louis and Kansas City.