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As promised, a Food Pantry post!

Today was the second of the 2 days a month that this food pantry is open. They’re only open the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, for about 2 hours. If you’re late, you may not get anything, so get there early! We’ve gone here on and off for years, and I’ve volunteered with them on and off, as well.

It’s a drive-up pantry now... the volunteer walks down the line of cars, gets your name and number of people, and then when you pull up under the portico, they bring your pre-filled bags out on a cart. Sometimes, like today, there’s a table that has some extra stuff that you can pick from (I’ll mark these with a * in the list). You just pop the trunk, load it in, and go.


There are 6 of us here, 3 adults and 3 teenagers. All male except me. 1 kid has both gluten and dairy allergies, 1 kid has pretty bad lactose intolerance. Other-Husband can only eat very soft things, due to recent, repeated, oral surgeries. I am currently having to severely restrict my fat intake (no more than 6-8 grams of fat per meal), because of a medical problem.

So. Getting to the good part... the food! I have a friend who refers to it as the “stoner’s paradise pantry”, by which he means that there is a lot (A LOT) of snacks and sweets and junk food, and not a whole lot of “actual food. Here is what we got today.


This is for 6 people, meant to last 2-3 weeks:

Cold/Freezer stuff:

10 individual serving boxes of fried chicken (these are donated by a local gas station that stocks hot food), 1 thigh and 1 leg (4), a single breast (2), or 3 piece chicken tenders (4). These are handed out frozen, so I broke them down and bagged like with like and popped them into the freezer.


4 chorizo ring sausages (I’ve never had these before)

4 individually packaged blueberry waffles

1 package Horizon organic mild cheddar cheese sticks*

1 1.8lb chuck roast (expired, looks like one edge is freezer-burned)

1 package of 2 half-pound pub burgers (expired)

2 frozen pizzas, thick crust, what we call “garbage pizza”- onions, peppers, olives, pepperoni, sausage



1 large sesame baguette

1 loaf caraway rye

1 loaf King’s Hawaiian bread

1 package Flat-Out low carb wraps*

1 loaf honey oatmeal bread

1 bag wheat dinner rolls

2 plain bagels

1 dozen cake donuts - cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, and plain

1 6 pack glazed donuts

1 3 pack iced long john’s

1 3 pack Bavarian creme danishes

1 18 pack sugar cookies

1 12 pack cream cheese strudel bites

2 giant chocolate chip muffins

3 giant apple fritters

1 vanilla glazed bundt cake*

Fresh Fruits/Veggies:

2 zucchini*

Canned/Boxed/Packaged foods:

6 bags gummi bears

2 boxes Hostess Donettes cereal

2 single serve bags Doritos Flamas (they taste like Takis... spicy chili-lime)

6 single serve pouches unsweetened applesauce

8 4 oz bags of dry refried beans (add boiling water, let stand, season to taste)

2 1 pound packs of spaghetti

4 sample packs of dark roast coffee (these will go to my sister... hardly anyone here drinks coffee, and no one likes dark roast)


2 cans LaCroix, watermelon flavour (mine!!)

2 20 oz bottles blue Powerade Ultra, zero sugar

2 bottles Propel water, kiwi-strawberry flavour*

2 boxes blueberry pancake mix

6 single serve 2% milk drink boxes

2 2 pound bags of long grain white rice

8 single serve cups of baked beans, no ingredient list (I have never seen these... they’re the same size as like, fruit cups for lunch boxes!)


2 jars creamy peanut butter and honey blend, oil on top type

2 cans low-sodium diced tomatoes

2 cans low-sodium tomato soup (quite frankly, nobody here will touch this... it’s probably going to be re-donated)


2 cans French cut green beans

1 can Chef Boyardee cheese ravioli

1 can generic pasta rings and meatballs

And there you have it, folks! I froze the fried chicken and some of the bread, stashed the gummy bears (I’ll pull out a bag at a time), and the donuts and stuff will probably be incredibly stale before they get finished, because that’s a loooot of sweet stuff.


The 2 pack of pub burgers is basically useless to us as-is, and it’s just 80/20 ground beef, so that one and the pack from 2 weeks ago are thawing in the fridge, and I’ll use those to make taco meat for the kids in a day or 2. I’ll probably make rice and 2 packs of the refried beans to go with it. I have tortillas, taco shells, and salsa already.

The chuck roast will have to be thawed and checked over before cooking, so that will be sometime next week, probably with the canned tomatoes and green beans tossed in the crock pot with it, and a pan of rice on the side.


Tonight is going to be the frozen pizzas (I got a GF/DF Daiya one for KidSmacks3 and a Lean cuisine one for me at the store!), and whatever leftovers are left from the last few days.

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