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1) I hate the "real women have curves" shit. Real women are people who identify as women.
2) The POINT, my dear sir, is that we are supposed to look at both those men (although they might be the same guy in this case?) and value them, while we can still have our own preferences for a sexual partner. We don't have to view the "curvy" man negatively just because we'd prefer to sleep with the other. And by all means, we could sleep with the one we find less attractive and it not have to be a thing because the fat guy, too, is a human.


I know I am preaching to the choir around here, but I really hate how much this makes fun of body positivity. I hate the phrase "real women have curves" but it comes as a response to curvy women being fucked over, made fun of, considered less than, assumed unhealthy, etc. This image is calling the movement of body positivity hypocritical, and it seems to pin one gender against the other in an issue that should transcend gender.

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