Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

In the age of Trump we have seen the rise of political ethicists on tv a lot. Oddly major ones on MSNBC and CNN (Richard Painter appears) are from the W administration.

The three major ones whom I snidely call the Paragon of Political Ethics are Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace and Richard Painter. Yet they seem to have been part of a party that never really existed well maybe during the Ford Administration and Mass. They define “country club republicans”. I actually like all three and its good they are antiTrump.


Now on Fareed Zaharia he interviewed Condi Rice. Please do not lecture me about values or ethics. She was the NSA Advisor during the build up and during start of Iraq War. She had the highest security level there is no way she did not know the war was based on a lie. Lie being Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Sorry I cannot accept Condi as part of this Paragon of Political Ethics. She is my Fedya (that was the daughter whose marriage Tevye would not accept?)

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