Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This is a depressing article about one town in North Carolina. Is NC even considered deep South? I would have thought it was bordering compared to Alabama or Arkansas.

Reading the article there is a sense that racism was subsiding in this town until Trump started running. Yet I wonder if Trump allowed these racists to reveal who they really are. That the improvement was not people changing but people surpressing their true beliefs.

What the young girl.(11) said is chilling that the African Americans are lucky they were brought over. The principal and school superintendent took swift action but still how much will it change. The girl who almost certainly learned this at home and home environment will only learn where and when to say this filth. Even if the school admin says how wrong it is well most likely her home and home environment will teach her the reverse and tell her when not to say the filth.


I am starting to think the last generation was like a Masquerade Ball where folks pretended they were not racists but now with Trump the Ball is over.

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