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Asian confusion?

I am working on a pretty big shoot this week. It is for domestic & international markets. Two shots are for the Asian market, which is sooo broad, but people keep categorizing it as "one place".

Background: I've travelled widely through South East Asia 3 times. This does not make me even close to a novice, but I understand some cultural references & differences. Also, I've never really travelled to Japan except for an 8 hour layover I spent in Taiwan (took the bus downtown) & another time, the Narita airport. China was Hong Kong for 3 days.

ETA: SEE? I am a novice. Taiwan is CHINA~

One shot is a home cooked Chinese dinner. I do food styling as part of styling wardrobe & props (old school) and I quite enjoy it. I am NOT a food stylist, though. Anyway, late breaking prop request after the tech scout (which I never attend) was for a Shoji screen for the dinner shot. He wants to shoot through a foreground element. I'm pretty sure a Shoji screen is Japanese and they want it for a Chinese home dinner shot.


Am I right, or wrong? Please, tell me...

A Shoji is fairly easy to source.

I called the photographer and pointed this out. He says, "Really? Isn't it just an Asian thing?"

Being diplomatic & the creative with the least amount of power, I said, "Well, I can change the dinner to Japanese food if you want."

He then requested this:


These Chinese rosewood dividers are antique & expensive in this country.

My point: I really shot myself in the ass for trying to be culturally accurate to the clueless.


My question: Am I the clueless one? Do the Shoji exist in Chinese homes?

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