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Asimov wrote about Trump in the 40s

Oh you all know who I mean. History as Asimov wrote is fairly predictable. There are trends that repeat itself over and over. The exception is beserkers people usually that enter history and upend the trend lines for good and or bad. Oh come on at this point everyone knows at least Asimov fans.

This election cycle should have been predictable. The clear front runner should have been Jeb Bush the establishment favorite. Yes Rubio and Walker would compete, Cruz may have a good week. Yet an outsider upends the race. Virtually unattackable, not even from politics. Dividing the party and building support. Let’s face it NO candidate gets specials, three hours straight coverage, CNN 4 hours including rerun of Special.

What Asimov character fits Donald Trump to a tee. I am not writing the answer since you all know. At least I hope everyone read these books.

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