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ASK A -- Ask A Mod(s)

Hello GT!

This weekend, the mod team will be making themselves available to the forum for a mod-themed AMA. Feel free to ask us (almost!) anything about moderating, how we got involved with GT, our favorite foods, what teams we support (Dog, and Cake), and for our (my) grandmother's famous casserole recipes. Or any other question you may have! Within reasonable and respectful boundaries!*

*For obvious reasons, we may choose not answer any specific questions about commenters, current or former, etc. Remember that you can always email us if there's an issue we need to address or have concerns that need to be discussed.


If you wish to get an answer from a specific moderator, make sure to direct your question to them in the comment section. Example: "For @Slay, how do you keep your pelt so shiny and tangle free?"

The thread will remain open and active until Sunday evening.

Edit: We're aware that there's some commenting glitches going on, but we're trying to answer all the questions that we can (see). Thanks, Kinja!

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