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Ask a Black Woman redo?

I can't find out why this thread was bumped up but the the fact that raffey hosted an AMA Ask a Black Woman reallllly bums/freaks me out considering it seems pretty clear that they aren't at least one of those things. If anyone would be interested in redoing that with this Black woman right here (Don't let the avatar fool you! Boston meet up folks can back me up!) or maybe a combo one with some of the other Black women gters, I would be into it. If people aren't into the idea, I'm not offended. I just was saddened by that revelation and this whole reveal.

OK cool.

(Mainly unrelated but awesome picture is of Josephine Halloway. "FAMOUS GIRLS SCOUTS WHO HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE—-Josephine Holloway - 1st African-American Troop Leader and lobbied for African-Americans to be allowed to be involved in Girl Scouts." from Black History Album.)


ETA: Anyone else who would be interested in answering qs, please go for it!

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