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Ask a car person! Or if you have questions about Hawai'i?

So, here is my contribution to Ask A Blank!

I'm pretty good with cars (and was a mechanic for a few years). Honestly, I am not very experienced at diagnosing things without physically touching them, but I will try my best! The last few years I have been focused on auto body damage, so that's my expertise right now. :)


I also live in Hawai'i, so if you are planning on visiting or just curious, I'm happy to field questions about Hawai'i as well. I live on O'ahu, but I frequently travel to the outer islands for work and play, so I'm willing to help any way I can!

(BTW, that is a picture of the Hennessey Venom GT. Because I could not find a stock photo or picture of "female mechanic" or "car chick" that didn't piss me off)

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