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Ask a family living with PTSD

I thought I'd toss this up here after reading the thread about AMA requests. I'm a former Army wife, married to a vet with serious PTSD. We have two young kids, I work full time and he attends university on the GI bill full time. We're struggling and managing (most days) to deal with the complications that come from living with PTSD. We're also in the early stages of developing a free suite of apps to help manage some of the symptoms and difficulties that come with PTSD such as; hyper vigilance, short term memory loss, anger management issues, time loss, sleep deprivation and disruption, anxiety and withdrawal. So go ahead ask me (and Mr. Time bomb will answer any questions when he gets home from the lab) anything. I cross posted this to Observation Deck because I post on io9 a lot to and I think it's possible that there may be some interested parties over there.


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