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Welcome To The Bitchery

Ask a [fill in the blank]

So If you scroll down, you will see that http://raffey.kinja.com/ posted "Ask A Black Woman" and invited commenters to ask her questions. I think that's a super cool idea, and now that we have these nifty subject lines, I propose that we make a thing of this. If you have a particular area of expertise or experience and have a little time to kill, you could choose something and open it up for discussion. For example, if you love wine, you could post, "Ask a wine connoisseur." Chritter could post, "Ask a baker." If you're an academic, you could post, "Ask a [philosopher/mathematician/whatever]." Each poster could tag it with something generic (e.g. #askablank) and something specific to their subject (e.g. #askablackwoman). Since this is GROUPTHINK, after all, and we now have the tools to organize things as a community with hashtags and such, we really are empowered by Kinja to generate and organize our own neat content and share information and knowledge and experiences. What do y'all think?

EDIT: http://kyosuke.kinja.com/ did the first "Ask a" post, and I did not see it, and I did not give her credit. MY BAD Y'ALL.


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