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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I'm not a professional plant grower, but I've spent parts of the past three years working on vegetable farms around the Midwest, so I think that qualifies me somewhat. I'm quite knowledgeable about common garden vegetables including tomatoes, peppers, squash, potatoes, you name it, plus a number of Asian greens and gourds. I've done everything from drive a tractor to sow hundreds (thousands?) of seeds to sell at farmers markets. I also know a thing or two about raising chickens. In addition to traditional farmwork, I've grown my own plants in patio/container gardens (woohoo apartment living), and this year I've been fortunate enough to have a friend let me put a raised bed garden in his yard.


Finally, I should add that I also wildcraft — wildcrafting is the art of identifying and gathering wild plants for edible, medicinal, etc. purposes. In other words, I can tell you which weeds are good for eating.

If you have a question about gardening, whether in the ground or in containers, or wild edibles, let me know.

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